I was looking for an inexpensive vehicle to drive around for a couple of months when I found Bill's Auto, I decided to give it a try because they are so friendly and willing to give me the car at the price I wanted. It's been a year, and I am still driving the car. I want to upgrade since I got another job, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with the car. Oh well, I guess I will be back for a second car! Thanks guys!


If you are in the market for a car--especially a new one--please try Bill Keyser first.

Recently, on a trip back from Tahoe, my wife's Trailblazer threw a rod and the engine was totaled, and GM wanted $10,400 to replace the engine on a vehicle worth $6,000 working. So, I decided to give Bill a try to replace it. He steered us away from our misguided efforts to replace it with a used SUV and instead found us a great deal, for a whole lot less outlay, on a new Ford Expedition XLT. Within a week, happy wife, good life. And I've never had a car buying experience like this--no waiting indeterminably at a dealer, fending off the nickel and diming, and getting delivery of the car right to our door.

I highly recommend Bill if you have vehicle purchase needs.
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