How does our service work?

We are with you from your first inquiry until you take delivery of your vehicle. Simply tell us the vehicle and options you desire, and we start working to find you the best price that exists, bar none. All vehicles are purchased NEW, in your name, from a dealership of our choice. Of course all warranties, maintenance agreements, rebates, and special financing apply. Once we find the best price on your car, we put the details in writing and fax it to you for your approval. We then offer you the choice of having your car delivered right to your home or office. If you prefer dealership pick-up, one of our consultants will be happy to meet you there. We ensure that you will be competely satisfied with our service, by knowing the amount of time, money, and hassle you just saved  by letting experienced professionals handle your lease or purchase.

For a free consultation, call: (510) 894-4700